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I’ve been in Portland for three years, and in that time all the people I’ve met, read about, heard tale of, all came here in search of something.  A job, a community, a home, an adventure.    In the time I’ve been here I’ve found (and lost, let’s be honest here) jobs, friends, a band, and talents, both renewed and discovered.  I happened upon some things I never knew I wanted, and had to learn to let go of things I always thought I’d keep.  I suppose I’d put myself squarely in the “adventure” category.

And now the time begins to start another leg of the journey- Rough Copy.  I don’t know if I can say with any certainty exactly what path the RC Blog is going to take.  There will be literature.  There will be opinions. There will be drinks- at least at my house.  It’s another one of those Portland things, I guess; out for adventure, unpredictable, and a lot of fun.

Many, many thanks to Janet for asking me to join the team.


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