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I’m happy to announce that the Fall/Winter issue of Rough Copy is up and ready for curious eyes.  Go.  Read.  Enjoy.


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This year, after an extended hiatus, I’ve returned to school.  I’ve decided to finally, finally, this time I mean it, get my degree.  One of the classes I’ve had the fortune of taking is a fiction course.  It’s been a long time since I’ve written fiction.  Correction; it’s been a long time since I’ve written fiction for anyone else to read.  And I am afraid.

We’ve talked about fear in class.  The fear of the blank page.  The fear of criticism.  The fear of rejection.  I guess in my own way, I fear each of those things.  I worry about how to write the words as poetically as I hear them in my head.  I worry about my classmates (all younger, better and smarter than I ever remember being, by the way) and their red pens of doom, crossing out the phrase that took me days of writing and rewriting to come up with.  But, I think what I fear the most isn’t the blank page, it’s the full one.

That page with all of the words and emotions and care.  That page that needs to move from my hands to theirs.  The page that does no good locked up.  That’s what I fear.  I fear letting that page go. But, I’ve been working on it.  I’ve been working on not being afraid.  And so, I’d like to open up the floor for suggestions, advice, discussion, etc.  How have you overcome the fear of the page?

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