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Our talented editor/founder Janet has a piece in PANK Magazine, and you should all stop reading this and go read that.


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This morning, completely on a whim, I pulled a collection of poetry off the bookshelf.  A professor I had many, many (I’ll be honest, there are many manys I could attach here.) years ago gave me this book.  I flipped through it for a while because that was so much better than getting ready for work.  I remember when I used to love poetry.  Really love it.  I was going to be a poet when I grew up kind of love it.

I love the conflict of it.  The constant tug-of-war between economy of words and wealth of emotion.  Every word counts.  Every word has weight.  I spent some time reading today.  Reading the words aloud, letting them settle in the room, it reminded me of just how much I miss poetry.

So, besides the fabulous poets featured on Rough Copy, who have you been reading?

*In case anyone is wondering, that’s the title of the collection I was reading this morning.  It comes from a lovely poem by Roque Dalton where he writes, “poetry, like bread, is for everyone”.

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