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A few months back, I was reading a delightful letter to the editors of Parade Magazine.  Since I won’t spend any extra time searching for that letter, I’ll just paraphrase:

Dear Parade Magazine:

Poetry is stupid, and I don’t think my tax dollars should go towards paying a stupid Poet Laureate to write stupid poems that nobody even reads anyway.  Because they are stupid.


A Poetry Hater

In their response, the Parade Magazine editors noted that a) tax dollars don’t pay for the Poet Laureate, and b) the Poet Laureate makes  $35,000.  If everybody in the tiny hamlet I grew up in chipped in $3.50, they could pay the Poet Laureate’s salary.  Translation: your tax dollars are safe.



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It’s always a good day when I’ve got good Rough Copy news to share.  First, the new issue is up, and it’s great.  We’ve got a few new things including our first piece of flash fiction, and our first music submission.  It’s an issue of firsts, including the biggest first of all the firsts, our first fiction contest!  Make you way over to the magazine to read some excellent writing, hear a beautiful song, and ponder the possibilities of being our fiction contest winner.

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