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This month’s Reading Series theme is music.  I thought I’d share a totally true story about how music helped me overcome my fear of the blank page.  Well, overcome it at least once, anyway.

So this one time that I was in college, (Not to be confused with that other time I was in college.  Or the time before that one.  Or that time after that time that lasted about half a semester.  No, this is the time when I was still sort of young, and fairly convinced I would actually finish. I like to refer to those as the optimistic years.) I was taking a fiction class and was promptly informed that our final assignment would have to be a minimum of ten pages, and be an actual finished story, and make sense.  Insert devastated face here.  At that point in my life (and frankly this point too) I had probably written one complete story, and it was, at best, four pages long.  A complete story in four pages?!  Impossible, you say?  Probably.  But it was as complete as it was ever going to get.  Which is to say, “here’s four pages that I’m calling a story,” and believing it makes it so.

The thought of coming up with a) an idea and b) a sufficient number of words that would actually carry me from page one to ten made me a little sick. You know those people who remain calm on the outside, but are freaking out on the inside, and everyone thinks how great that is because they appear to keep their wits about them?  I was just like that.  Only the complete opposite.  Well maybe not the complete opposite.  In my version, my insides were saying “no, no, no, can’t, can’t, can’t,” and my outsides were simply repeating it.  I’m one of those people who fully commits, inside and out, to the freak out.  But, I digress.  The point is I was losing it over these ten pages. (more…)


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Here’s the thing about deadlines; they loom.  They hang over your head, taunting you, saying “You’ve only got one week! Be brilliant, and do it quickly!”  But sometimes, something wonderful happens, sometimes deadlines are extended.  Oh, they still loom.  They just loom a little further out on the horizon.  Which brings me to my point; we have extended the deadline for our fiction contest to October 1.  There is still time to be brilliant.  Still time to put pen to paper (Fingers to keyboard more likely. Which, side note, makes me wonder; how many of you still kick it pen and paper style?).

You can find all of the details here.

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Canvas Art Bar- Photo courtesy of Doug Geisler

Thanks to everyone who made it out to our reading last week. Given the topic of “Fun & Games,” we expected laughter, and it was so, so delivered with fantastic stories from our featured authors, Courtenay Hameister, Justin Hocking, and Dave Jarecki.  We were also very lucky to have a few open-mic readers grace the stage.  A good night, I’d say.  Many thank yous to these awesome writers.

An additional thank you to the newest friend of Rough Copy, Doug who ever so kind and provided us with some outstanding photos from the event.

See you next month!

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