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It’s nearly impossible to have an issue release party without, you know, releasing an issue.  And since we’re such traditionalists here at Rough Copy, we have coupled our party with a brand new issue.  It’s the right thing to do.

Happy reading!


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Look at this beautiful picture.  It’s beckoning you to come out to hear some amazing writing and music.  It’s beckoning you to celebrate with us.  And you can’t help but answer that call.

Issue Launch Party, November 11, 7:00, Canvas Art Bar

Featuring readings by:

Merridawn Duckler, Jason Gray, Patrick Lamson-Hall, Hannah Pass, Dao Strom, & Sandy Tanaka

With musical entertainment by:  The Weak Knees

Cover Art by: Grace Weston

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You wrote. We read. We chose.  Thanks to all of you who submitted work to our very first fiction contest.  It was a pleasure reading stories from so many talented writers.

1st Place:  Linda Wojtowick “Woodchuck”

2nd Place: Lisa Battalia Anthony “The Gift”

3rd Place: Terry White “Alice and Bob at Play in the Zero Field”


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