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Our Contributing Editor, Shane Danaher, fits a little Somerset Maugham into his reading list:

I picked up a copy of The Painted Veil to fill the gap in my reading schedule between finishing Death in the Andes (great!) and waiting for my copy of American Rust to show its face (also great!…I hope). It was my intention to go with something “lighter.” I was curious about Maugham because he holds this kind of odd place in the canon whereby he’s regarded with some respect, but he’s rarely considered as a participant in the strictly regimented ranks of Literature. I decided to check it out.

First, let’s talk about the novel’s strengths: Maugham’s truest talent is a sense for character, and that predilection is on full display in this novel. The Painted Veil is the story of one Kitty Fane (originally “Kitty Lane,” but the Lane family threatened to sue Maugham unless he changed the moniker). The book is centered on her relationship with her husband—a taciturn, government bacteriologist.

The novel opens with Kitty en-media-res in her affair with a dashing, colonial Sub Prefect. The setting is Hong Kong in the 1920s, and Kitty, bored with her husband, disdainful of his lack of social pluck, has embarked on the affair out of a petulant desire to live the life to which her moneyed London upbringing has made her feel entitled. Her husband (name of Walter) finds out—naturally. However, due to the dynamics of Walter and Kitty’s relationship, this discovery leads them in some interesting directions.

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Our talented editor/founder Janet has a piece in PANK Magazine, and you should all stop reading this and go read that.

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