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Ali McCart founded the Portland-based Indigo Editing and Publications a little over five years ago. Since then, she and her band of like-minded editors have worked tirelessly in forming a company whose services, publications and local presence are unaccountably unique.

In addition to its ongoing offerings of editing and writing mentorship services, Indigo hosts the annual Sledgehammer Writing Contest—a scavenger hunt/team writing free-for-all that asks contestants to simultaneously test their skills in treasure hunting and under-the-gun scribbling. Indigo puts out its own literary journal (Ink-Filled Page) and offers regular classes on the ins and outs of the writing business.

McCart—along with Indigo’s Senior Editor Kristin Thiel and Associate Editor Susan DeFreitas—will be reading at this month’s Rough Copy reading series, on July 27. I sat down with the three of them to talk about the relationship between editing and writing, their upcoming artistic endeavors, and the many-headed beast that is Indigo Editing and Publications.

Shane Danaher: So first of all, do you want to just tell me a little bit about Indigo, how it got started and what it is?

Ali McCart: So, Indigo is a collective of editors and each of us has different specialties. We work with authors and publishers and organizations based on our various specialties. Nonfiction, health and wellness, memoir, fantasy, sci-fi, and other genres. We’ve got three of us here and then we have a fourth editor who’s actually in Sacramento. And so it didn’t work out for her to be in the reading this month. But yes. We edit for publishers and independent authors alike.


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